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Biomass Power Generation

Renewable energy – Vital energy 

It is really our responsibility to design our environment – for us and future generations. Our company has therefore been engaged in the scheduling and engineering of renewable energy since our foundation (biomass local heating plants, biogas plants, solar energy plants, utilities management, etc.). 
The only way to protect our living environment and our general living conditions long-term is a sustainable energy awareness and the use of an innovative technology as well as the responsible handling with our limited resources and environment.

Renewable energy – our corporate vision

Custom-made solutions
We offer our customers tailored energy strategies on the basis of regional resources. 
Future-proof quality
Our strengths are future-proof solutions from the scheduling to the implementing. We offer our customers innovative solutions on the basis of our long-term expert knowledge. 
Long-term business relationship
We assume full responsibility for the long-term success of our customers and business partners. We set great value on a fair cooperation.

Openness to new experiences
We are prepared to meet new challenges together.

For us a lively discussion with our customers, business partners and experts as well as the participation in worth knowing events are the most important sources of innovation.

Biomass Local Heating Plant Mürzzuschlag

Operating level: 2000 kW + 8 kWp photovoltaic plant 
Year of construction: 2009/2010

Biomass Local Heating Plant Stetteldorf am Wagram (straw heating plant)

Operating level: 3000 kW 
Year of construction: 1994 (expansion 2009)

Biomass Local Heating Plant Ochsenhausen, Germany 

Operating level: 4000 kW 
Year of construction: 2011 (1st stage of expansion)

Biomass Local Heating Plant Markt St. Martin

Operating level: 5200 kWth + 1000 kWel 
Year of construction: 2006

Biomass Local Heating Plant Obermarkersdorf

Operating level: 850 kW + 750 m2 solararea
Year of construction: 1996

Biomass Local Heating Plant Gyömrö (Hungary)

Operating level: 1.000 kW + 500 kW 
Year of construction: 2011

Biomass Local Heating Plant Drassmarkt 

Operating level: 1.800 kW 
Year of construction: 2000

Biomass Local Heating Plant Herret Tomaten

Operating level: 4.000 kW 
Year of construction: 2010

Biomass Local Heating Plant Zirkitzen, Bad Kleinkirchheim

Operating level: 4.000 kW 
Year of construction: 2000

District Heating Grids

Bruck an der Mur

Power level: 8 MW + coupling
+ industrial waste heat 11 MW
Norske Skog Bruck GmbH
Year of construction: 2008


The represented facility at “Bruck an der Mur” gains an operating level of 19MW and a transport network of 18km. We managed to set it up in a city at a record speed of just six months including everything: construction above and below ground, piping, boiler house installation and electrical installation. District heating plants require a sophisticated electronic control unit in order to operate profitably. The central office is able to control and draw up an account for each customer. In the case of a delay of payment the operating level will be changeable.