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Fermentation plant for fuel alcohol

Operating level: 220,000 litres of bio-ethanol per day;
16,000 tons per year wheat gluten
3,000 tons per year CO2 Coca Cola quality
Raw material: wheat
Location: Kazakhstan

Ethyl alcohol facility 

Operating level:  30,000 litres per admixture op quality in acc. with the Japanese standard 
Raw material: corn
Location: China

Bio-fuel plant 
Operating level: 15.000 tons per year
Quality: suitable for direct admixture
Raw material: corn
Location: China

Fruit spirits distillery
Operating level:  350,000 litres per yeas Top quality of different fruit spirits 
Raw materials: apples, pears, plums, cherries and persimmons
Location: China

Fermentation plant for pharmaceutical alcohol
Operating level:  6,000 litres per day
Top quality in acc. with international standards
Raw material: molasses
Location: Saudi Arabia