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Electrical Installation

Our service is our success

• Project planning and installation of high voltage systems low tension installations
    hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities, financial institutes, shops, churches, 
    residential houses 

• EDP and communication facilities
    LAN wiring systems and measurements, telephones and intercoms, TV and satellite equipment, 
    acoustoelectric devices 

• electrical heating systems
    floor heating systems, tiled stoves und night storage heaters

• lighting systems
    shop windows, workplaces, buildings and offices

• Security and traffic centres
    fire detection systems, alarm systems and video surveillance systems

• Bus installation and control systems
    EIB, window shade control systems

• Installation testing
    testing of electrical installations in acc. with the legal regulations and standards 
    as well as the issuance of test reports und certificates

• Distributor construction and lightning protection construction 

• Bio-electric, solar collectors and vacuum cleaning systems, repairs and much more

• PLC industrial facilities and control systems 
    process control systems and automation

• Photovoltaic systems
    planning and realization of PV plants and renewable energy

• Alternative energy

Our location at „Bruck an der Mur – Einöd“ is really an innovation to look ahead. There our electrical installations are located on a 1000sqm area. With that location we are now able to manage large-scale projects. Actually every magnitude is possible as well as prototyping and checkouts of the systems.