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Merl 1928 ...

... is a registered tradename of Merl Solar Technologies GmbH, an Austrian company established in 1928. Synonymous to engineering excellence and with a track record of over 90 years, Merl 1928 provides electromechanical engineering solutions, i.e. analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of equipment and products based on the combination of electrical/bioelectrical/electronic circuits and mechanical systems.

The Company also focuses in the area of alternative and renewable system design and commissioning such as, photovoltaic energy, biomass-to-energy and waste-to-energy. 

Last but not least, Merl 1928 possesses real expertise in most aspects of water engineering, i.e., water engineering and water resources management, water supply and mitigation, waste water and water sensitive urban design, mine water management.

With numerous successfully completed projects in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Merl 1928 employs a team 60 plus qualified engineers and technicians.

Core Competence

The Group's core competences are the management and implementation of projects in the field of renewable energies around the world. Merl Group is specialized in the fields of  photovoltaic, biomass, waste to energy and water resources.

Merl Group build and implemented a 20 MW photovoltaic park in Kahone/Senegal, a photovoltaic system that operates a water pump for agricultural irrigation in Egypt and a biomass plant that distributes heat to the inhabitants of Bruck an der Mur/Austria.

The Group also electrified 40 villages in Senegal and Tanzania using photovoltaic off-grid systems. In all of these rural electrification projects the key target is to provide electricity for as many people as possible. Therefore the electrification of community facilities, such as healtch care centres and schools and the implementation of phtovoltaic street lighting are prioritized, thus maximinsing the benefit for the population. 

Since 2008 Merl implemented projects in Senegal, Ghana, Egypt, Tanzania, Asia and Europe and has branches in Senegal and Tanzania.