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Merl Group

Merl Group has an excellent track record in planning and implementing of renewable energy projects – specifically photovoltaic solutions in rural off-grid areas in Sub Sahara Africa.

During the last 10 years approx. 40 rural villages in Senegal and Tanzania have been electrified by Merl as general contractor with photovoltaic mini-grids. In 2016/2017 the Group build a 20 MW photovoltaic park in Kahone, Senegal.

Merl also realized a rooftop solar project in Ghana and implemented a photovoltic system that operates a water pump for agricultural irrigation in Egypt. More such projects are ongoing. Moreover Merl Group build and operates a biomass heating plant, implemented projects in the field of water resources management and many more.

The commitment of Elektro Merl for sustainable presence in Africa is also shown by the foundation of local subsidiaries in Senegal and Tanzania which take care of maintenance & repair for the existing installations, acquire additional electrification projects and education programs, as well as providing spare parts and other PV-equipment to these markets.

Group History


At a time of great economic troubles Hans and Marianne Merl founded the company Elektro Merl at Mittergasse 24. In spite of the inflation of the times and rampant unemployment, it was possible with hard work and personal commitment to build up a company based on good professional advice and truly reliable service.

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Hannes Merl is the CEO of Merl Group and graduated in electrical engineering.

He has over 30 years of experience in electronics, renewable energy and water systems, particularly in photovoltaic and LED PVE street lamps. He further has vast experience in rural electrification and heating pump projects and has completed numerous projects all over the emerging markets and in particular Africa...

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