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Free Energy

The climate discussion being carried out all over the world affects everyone and has prompted many to initiate new developments.  Renewable energy carriers play an important role in sustainable, worldwide energy systems in order to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel providers and simultaneously diminish their effects.

In keeping with the motto:

"The sun isn‘t going anywhere and doesn’t even send us a bill", the company EPS soltec manufactures intelligent products that serve as environmental protection and sustainably save costs.  The best quality and convincing technology distinguish the products of EPS.  Foresighted thinking, taking a clear position and technical perfection in implementation are the guarantees for success.  We stand behind these values, we believe in them and we work according to them.

Now is the time for a change!  Take this path with us into an independent future - for the sake of the environment, for the sake of our children and ultimately for our own sakes!

Street lighting without complex wiring is only possible with photovoltaic.

Service life of 10 years with underfloor batteries.

No wires yet there is still light—saves lives and property. Never have an uneasy feeling when out and about at night